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How long does each therapy session take?

Sessions usually last 60 minutes, but we can take breaks during the session if you need. When conducting work focused on traumatic experiences we may occasional meet for 90 minutes, but this will be discussed with you and led by you.

How often should I see you?

This very much depends on your individual needs. Most clients like to book sessions either weekly or fortnightly, but you may prefer to meet less frequently. In EMDR work clients occasional ask for more frequent appointments, attending 2-3 times per week for a short period.

Do I have to do out of session work?

It can often be very helpful for clients to practice what we have discussed in session, between sessions. This is particularity important when conducting CBT or CPT work. Out of session work may require you to set sometime aside for written work or could be skilled based such as practicing a mindfulness technique.

Do I have to tell anyone, I am seeing you?

As therapists we are bound by confidentiality, meaning everything we discuss is kept between us. We will not inform your employer you are seeing us, unless you explicitly ask us too, normally for insurance purposes. In some cases we may ask your permission to share information with your GP but this will only ever be done with your permission and in your best interests. When working with children, under the age of 18 we will discuss the need to share information with a parent or guardian.

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